Mark Reed

Managing Director and founder of Hire-u-shop, with a background in aircraft engineering acquired during his time at the RAF.
Email: mark@hire-u-shop.com
Tel: 00350 20073017 

Mike Salmon

Manager of our New Harbours depot in charge of Hire and maintenance has amassed a wealth of experience with his 15 years in the construction and maritime industry.
Email: service@hire-u-shop.com
Tel: 00350 20047171

Steven Borge

Manager of our Watergardens depot with a history in motor sales paired with knowledge and experience built with us over his 11 year service, he can help you with what you need.
Email: sales@hire-u-shop.com
Tel: 00350 20073017

Colin Howard

Delivery Driver - Worked with us for over a decade, knows the ins and outs of our machines and how to get them to you quickly and efficiently.
Email: service@hire-u-shop.com 
Tel: 00350 200 47171